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College Cancels Spring Break, Sad Bros Throw Hawaiian Party In Protest


spring bro-ake

Northampton Community College dared to fuck with millennials’ lives and CANCEL SPRING BREAK. Apparently the school just took “too many” snow days and decided to ruin lives. Students need a break especially in March because if you don’t get it then that means you are working straight from January to May. That is intense. I’d rather have the extra days tacked onto the end of the year then not have a mini vacay.

A bunch of bros decided to protest by throwing an Hawaiian themed party. I am going to use the word “Hawaiian” in quotes because basically they had stupid tiny umbrellas and an inflatable palm tree, which I am 100% aren’t touchstones of authentic Hawaiian culture.

University  administration extended their support. “They set up a Tiki bar with an inflatable palm tree in the campus food court to serve nonalcoholic drinks with paper umbrellas.” How fun. Totally the same as Spring Break. 

Thoai Luong and John Cronce, the protest organizers, said only 15 other dudes showed up to the “peaceful protest.” How fun. Totally the same as Spring Break. 

“Most of the campus is looking at us like we’re nuts. It would be nice if there were more girls,” Cronce said and I bet he did. The University Prez kept it real and enjoyed, “The food court also featured a plastic kiddie pool and a pingpong table, where college President Mark Erickson played against the students. Erickson wore sandals, an orange polo shirt, madras shorts and a lei, although he stashed a suit in his office for some afternoon functions.”

How fun. Totally the same as Spring Break. 

[Via. Huffington Post]

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