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More Celebrity Men Revealed On Lindsay Lohan’s Sex List


lindsay petey wright

Lindsay Lohan’s celebrity sex list of lovers has almost completely been revealed. Last week we posted the first batch of names leaked by InTouch, however many of them had been redacted. Today more names have been revealed and include: Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom, Benicio Del Toro, Ryan Phillippe and much, much more.

“Lindsay loves being linked to good-looking, famous, successful men,” a source told InTouch Weekly. Well then Lindsay has succeeded. In fact, I am going to guess that she is the source seeing as how she conveniently debuted her reality series on OWN right when this list leaked.

We have to say, this is a great list of men I  imagine to be complete douchenozzles that might be good in bed. That’s like the perfect match for Lindsay. It’s interesting to see that Lindsay clearly has a type: dark hair and sorta beard-y.

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