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The Ten Commandments of Sharing Clothes With Your Roommate


sharing clothes

One of the great joys of college is having a female roomie who is into a good closet swap now and then. Living with someone also presents challenges though, and borrowing clothes ranks up there with not washing your dishes and not knocking before entering the bathroom as causes for roomie drama. Keep these commandments in mind and the drama can be kept to a minimum.

Thou shalt not fail to set up an arrangement: Have a chat soon after you move in together about what’s off limits, whether you want her to ask before borrowing, whether you want her to wash your clothes before returning, etc.

Thou shalt not take the tags off something she owns: I don’t care how liberal and open-ended your wardrobe-swapping relationship is. This isn’t cool.

Thou shalt not borrow an item she hasn’t worn yet: Unless she absolutely insists.

Thou shalt not borrow her shoes if they’re too small for you: You’ll just be uncomfortable all night and then they’ll be too stretched out for her to wear comfortably.

Thou shalt not employ the ‘take anything you want’ rule to items that cost over $100: Because they really don’t fall under the same category as LBDs from Forever 21 do.

Thou shalt not expect to borrow something that has sentimental value: Paws off those earrings her boyfriend gave her. Paws off him too.

Thou shalt not wear her dress and pretend its your when someone compliments you on it: Unless the person who compliments you doesn’t really ask where you go it or anything…

Thou shalt not take everything from her closet without ever reciprocating with yours: Obviously.

Thou shalt repent if you lose or ruin something of hers: Buy her a new one. Or make her breakfast. Or just apologize a lot.

Thou shalt not borrow something of her that looks better on you than it does on her: Though I guess you can’t really help it if that’s the case, huh?

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