25 Celebrities' First Tweets For Twitter's 8th Anniversary

Twitter is celebrating it’s 8-year anniversary today, plus it’s throw back Thursday. To honor 8 years of 140 character puns, ironic hash tags, celebrity apologies, celebrity faux pas, political movements and embarrassing butt selfies, they’ve released a program that allows you to see anyone’s first Tweet. You can see CollegeCandy’s above. Because we love celebs and the silly things they say we thought we’d round up some celebrities’ first tweets. However, as you’ll see, 2008/2009 was a pretty, erm, boring time for Twitter. Back then we weren’t exactly sure how to use it, hash tags didn’t really catch on the way they do now and 140 characters seemed more limiting than empowering. We were all kind of like, “Um, WTF and I supposed to do with this?” Thankfully, things have changed since then and Twitter (along with Tumblr) are my favorite social media websites. Check out my first Tweet below (I haven’t changed one bit.). Discover your first Tweet here.

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