9 Ways to Tell if He’s More Than a Friend

more than friends

It almost seems inevitable, in all the friendships a woman might have with men, for her to find out that at least one of her male friends are interested in her as more than just a friend. Maybe you’ve noticed you’ve gotten more alone time with him or have exchanged some stolen glances at each other when no one was looking. Instead of getting all Romeo and Juliet or Jim and Pam on each other, and praying that he does (or doesn’t) make a move, why not try to pick up on the signs first?

He teases you. You remember when you were a little girl on the playground and some annoying little boy would chase you and throw things at you? You remember how much you disliked him only to find out he had a big crush on you? Well, I hate to disappoint, but although the guys you deal with look bigger than they did on the playground, they often act the same. He might still throw stuff at you, poke and jab you, mock you, etc. This is all the get your attention.

He starts paying you more attention. He asks you why you weren’t at a particular party or if you’re going to so-and-so’s house this weekend. He seems to notice your presence a lot more than usual. This is likely not a coincidence.

He finds ways to communicate with you. When a guy is just a friend, he’ll usually interact with you every once in a while if time permits. When a guy starts feeling you, he’s going to find ways and reasons to interact with you much more. Whether it’s via text, twitter, Instagram, in person, etc., he makes the conversations last longer in any way possible.

You catch his eye a lot more than usual. It seems that more often than not you’ll glance over at him and catch his eye because he’s already looking or he turns to see you looking. This could be a casual coincidence, but it also could mean he can’t help but glance at you. If he’s attracted to you, there’s a good chance he’ll look at you often.

You stop hearing about other girls around him. It used to be that he could talk for days about other girls around you and to you. Now he clams up and doesn’t seem interested in that subject. There’s a good chance that that means you’re the girl he talks about with his friends.

He seems much more interested in your romantic life than usual. Please note, if he is attempting to set you up with a friend, this rule does not usually apply. But, if he just seems more curious than usual, there’s a good chance he’s interested in finding out of there’s a chance for him somewhere in your love life.

He lets his friends walk ahead so he can talk to you. You often find yourself walking with him behind his group of friends or when all his friends have left, he’ll linger around to talk to you. If he does this, he’s finding ways to be alone with you, but is trying not to seem too obvious.

His friends start treating you differently. If his friends are the goofy type, they might make jokes and give you awkward glances. His friends might exchange looks with one another when you come around. They may also be much more cognizant when you talk to their friend, and leave you two alone to interact with one another (but not without cracking a few stupid jokes before doing so).

He starts doing you more favors. You notice he starts carrying your stuff for you or seems more willing to help you pick something up at the store. Many guy friends are willing to help you out (at least they should be), but if they seem readily available more often than not, that doesn’t mean his schedule has cleared up. That means he’s making time specifically for you.

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