A Teenager Snuck Into The World Trade Center To Take Selfies

A 16-year-old boy, Justin Casquejo, snuck into the World Trade Center to take selfies and explore. The kid was tiny enough to fit into a hole in the gate and breeze passed security.  Justin took the elevator to the 88th floor, walked the rest of the way to the 104th floor, then scaled (basically climbed) equipment on the roof to reach the 1,776-foot tall Freedom Tower’s antenna. This sounds so, so dangerous but Justin has a history of climbing dangerous shit to take selfies. Pictured above you’ll see him climbing a construction crane in Hoboken. Surely the freedom tower antenna is much higher.  He spent two hours up there before getting down. Because of him a security guard has gotten fired. Justin was promptly arrested.

“I walked around the construction site and figured out how to access the Freedom Tower rooftop,” Casquejo said in court. Security is still mad confuzzled about how he was able to elude them.

‘He came here and he ran hog wild,’ a site worker told the Post. Clearly this kid is some kind of ninja. However, I wonder who his accomplice is because there’s no way he can take selfies from these angles by himself.

[Via. NY Post / Daily Mail]

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