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Beauty in Bloom: Our 5 Favorite Spring-Inspired Makeup Finds


spring makeup

I live in Chicago so even though the calendar tells me it’s March, the weather outside tells me I’m stuck in the middle of January. Ick.

But the truth is, spring is just around the corner, and just because it’s too cold for me to break out my cute little dresses right now, it’s just the right time for me to start thinking about spring-appropriate beauty products. So join me, won’t you? Swap out your gold shadows and deep maroon lipsticks for these pretty little things.


Nars Final Cut Illuminator in Adelaide: NARS neverrrrr disappoints (unless you count the lip gloss in Turkish Delight. WTF?) I can’t wait to get my hands on this baby. The color is so sweet and feminine, and the fact that is adds instant glow is great (because if you’re anything like me, you haven’t been in direct sunlight in way too long.) I especially love the creamy consistency of this. It’s great for skin that’s still drier than normal thanks to the nasty weather. Buy here.


Benefit “Lollitint”: Haven’t you heard? Purple makeup is going to be humungous this season. A big, vibrant grape lip is on trend, but if you want a softer, more wearable take, Lollitint is perfection. This lip stain is lavender-hued and perfect for spring. It also lasts forever and has really cool packaging. Buy here.


Essie nail polish in “Ballet Slippers”: This is the softest shade of sheer pink imaginable. It’s one of those nail polishes that will set off your tan (even if it’s very , very slight. Thanks again, weather) and look perfect for any occasion (even a job interview or wedding.) Buy here.


Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in Gray: Kick it old school with some Covergirl because for under $5, this liner is damn good. Swap out your usual black for a subtle charcoal gray to really nail the spring makeup look. Buy here.


Michael Kors Glam Jasmine Perfume: It’s not a beauty product per se, but the floral scent is so lovely and great for spring. The jasmine in it adds a little weight, so it’s a more dramatic spring fragrance. Buy here.

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