How to Dress Up Your Casual Fashion Staples

I’m a bit of a paradox. I tend to be an over-dresser – think heels whenever possible – but I also can’t get enough of very casual pieces. For example, I have a sweatshirt fixation going on right now. I prefer everything over-sized. And I don’t think I’ve ever met a plain black or white t-shirt I don’t like.
I am all about putting a spin on basic casual items. I recently discovered that a white tee’s possibilities are endless; who knew you can create so many different look with one item? I’ve found that adding flair to a casual piece is all about proportion – so if I’m wearing something oversized on top, I’m going with the skinny jeans on the bottom.  I love my super basic items because of their endless possibilities. So why not try a few of these ideas and learn to fall in love with the unsung heroes of your closet?
Plain white tees: In case you haven’t guessed, I pretty much think the options are infinite with this piece. I love tucking one into a skirt – whether it’s a more night-appropriate leather mini or a more laid back A-line skirt. I also love pairing a white tee with distressed jeans and bright, fabulous point-toe pumps.

Loose pocket tees: Throw one on, add a blazer, wear some great shoes and out you go.

Sweatshirts: Whether you’re buying something a little more edgy – maybe with leather accents or a cool asymmetrical hem – or a plain ole’ gray pullover, you can make these look gooooddd. Just wear your skinniest black jeans and (if it’s cold) some leather boots. I also really love the look of a statement necklace over a hoodless sweatshirt.

Distressed jeans: Whether your jeans were ripped intentionally  or by years of wear, there is a way to look polished in them. Just pair them with something that conveys a totally different mood – like a sequin top or a nice jacket – and add some pumps.

T-shirt dresses: I love wearing a very simple dress (sometimes even a shirt as a dress) with some cage sandals and tons of jewelry, maybe a fun vest on top. I’ve been known to do exactly this with the slips that come attached to ‘real dresses.’

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