7 Kinda Smart Things Kim Kardashian Has Said

This may have a bunch of you rolling your eyes at me but . . . I don’t think Kim Kardashian is dumb. I actually don’t believe anyone is dumb which is the source of most of my rants on here. I don’t believe anyone is dumb, so I believe people can always do better, thus I am often disappointed when people do outright dumb things. Anyway, Kim Kardashian gets a lot of hate and I never understood why. Of all the celebrities that exist she is probably one of the least offensive. Does she abuse drugs? Nope. Does she promote a negative body image? Nope. Does she make offensive or racist comments? Not that I know of. Has she been accused of sexual assault? Nope. Has she been involved in any real crime, offensive or harmful scandal? Nope. Yet, I can name a bunch of celebrities who have: R. Kelly, Woody Allen, Terry Richardson, Mel Gibson—hell, even Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have sung songs with homophobic lyrics—that are celebrated significantly more than Kim Kardashian.
There’s either two reasons why Kim Kardashian is hated: because she has a sex tape or because she has “no talent.” These ideas are simply incorrect. Having a sex tape you created when you were 22 years old be released without your consent four years later, isn’t any reason to hate a person. Sex tapes are so commonplace right now, they won’t even be newsworthy in a couple of years. And who has time for slut shaming anymore? The premise that Kim K. has “no talent” has legs, but is wholly false. More people tune into Kardashian reality shows than have ever watched an episode of the critically-acclaimed, beloved Mad Men. If Kim Kardashian had no talent she wouldn’t be a household name, remember who she had a sex tape with? Brandy’s little brother. He was the famous one in that sex tape at the time, he was the reason why it was news, now what is he even doing? Do you even know his full name? Do you even care?
Kim became famous for having her privacy violated, she then turned that violation into an industry: a show, clothing lines, makeup lines, endorsement deals. If you think Kim doesn’t have talent then you are looking at the wrong things: she can’t sing or act but she is an entrepreneur. She is great at keeping her name in the news and she is excellent at keeping her composure despite only negative press. In Kim’s position, every other celebrity would have some kind of Twitter or personal breakdown but she knows it’s part of the game. Hell, her husband is incredibly talented in all the ways she is but he can’t seem to STFU when it’s appropriate. We’re all gifted in different ways, guys. Furthermore she never pretends like she is doing anything but exactly what she is doing.
I think we use Kim has an easy target to direct our anger at a culture that doesn’t have higher entertainment standards. But why not get mad at the system instead of spitting venom at the people savvy enough to use the system to their advantage?
If you think the Kardashian family isn’t playing you, you’ve forgotten your reality TV history. A Simple Life, The Hills and The Newly Weds all capitalized on the idea of Americans hate-watching “stupid women, saying stupid things.” We know these shows aren’t real they’re “reality performances” and to keep an audience not just engaged but spending and retweeting for this long does take a skill otherwise we’d all be doing it. I am not saying I love Kim. I am not sure that I even like her. I am not saying that this particular way of branding yourself is great for society, I am just saying that most of the vitriol spit at her is unfounded. Her reality show is a veil. Her twitter is for sponsorships. We don’t have very many facts about her life, the only thing we do know is that she has succeeded where many others have failed. Just look at Farrah Abrahams’ desperate attempt to try and recreate a similar career path but her lack of business savvy is apparent because she clearly believes that making a sex tape/porno means instant fame. It doesn’t. Do I like Kim’s dumb show? No, it’s boring. Do millions of people? Yes. That means something.
If you don’t like that Kim is famous then don’t blame her blame America for endorsing this particular kind of celebrity, at the end of the day she is playing the game she knows how to play to her advantage. That isn’t stupid, that’s genius.

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