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The 6 Most Annoying Friends You’ll Inherit When You Get a Boyfriend


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Unless your boyfriend hides under a rock all day, he’s going to have a few friends. Navigating them can seem like an intimidating task because you want to be liked by them — it makes everything so much easier when interacting with your man, because that’s who he’s going to be with when he isn’t with you. Many of his friends are going to be pretty normal and come with a pretty normal agenda, but every once in a while, you come across a friend who just rubs you the wrong way.

Here are some friend types that might cause you some trouble as you interact with them and ways to ensure they don’t dominate your relationship.

The Not-So-Funny Jokester. Every guy seems to have that one friend that makes lewd and disgusting jokes that only a 13-year-old would find funny. Yet, he continues to make crappy jokes, even when you’re around. Just roll your eyes and shake off his gross jokes, as long as they’re not directed at you and aren’t completely offensive. If they become that way, let your boyfriend know how you feel so he can make sure the situation doesn’t escalate.

The Resentful Friend. Male or female, whenever someone gets in a relationship, some of their friends seem to get a little resentful and bitter about the relationship. Whether it be because they’re jealous of the romance or don’t want to lose their friend to another person, the resentful friend will cause some problems by throwing a fit every once in a while. Complaints will include, but aren’t limited to, “You don’t spend enough time with us,” and “Stop blowing us off for them.” Your man should be mature enough to call them on their BS.

The Party Homie. Some friends are just down for a good time. They don’t want to have heart-to-hearts about relationship problems. These are the friends who are always pressuring your boyfriend to go out, drink, and have a good time. If you get a ring on it, this friend will be good for planning your man’s bachelor party, but other than that, this guy can become a nuisance. It’s all about a healthy balance; be cool with your man going out (just like he should be cool about it with you), but speak up with you feel like the partying has to calm down.

The Best Friend. The best friend is a completely different breed of friend. First and foremost, they are NOT your BFF, too. They may be extremely friendly to you, and that’s great because that means they like the way you treat their friend and they know their friend really likes you, but they are not on your side. You will not be able to confide in them about your boyfriend, they cannot comfort you when things go wrong, and they are not going to remain super close with you if things start going south with you and your boyfriend. Respect your man’s best friendship, just as he should respect yours.

The Creep. This is probably the most unacceptable kind of friend a guy can have. He comes off like such a nice guy, but his frequent texts are starting to weird you out. He seems a little to grabby-feely when your man’s not looking and his compliments are a little much for someone who isn’t your boyfriend. If this guy is creeping you out in anyway, you definitely have the complete right to let your boyfriend know. That kind of behavior is unacceptable, disloyal, and gross.

The Sweetheart. Some groups (certainly not all) have a friend whose super nice to you and lets you vent and confide in them when your boyfriend is pissing you off. This comes without the risk of them telling the boyfriend, but this does come with the risk of them telling you a lot of misinformation. This friend is usually not the closest to the boyfriend, so he speculates a lot, leaving you sometimes with shabby advice. Also, be weary of this friend becoming “The Creep.” His friendliness could be his way of trying to get your guard down.

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Love child.