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The 10 Most Common Lies I Tell Myself on a Daily Basis


most common lies

We all have those little (big) white lies we tell ourselves on a daily basis, don’t we? Whether to make ourselves feel better about indulging, convince ourselves we will do better next time, or just to get through a rough patch.

Here are the 10 most common lies I tell myself on a daily basis:

1. It’s okay, I worked out. A literal daily struggle for me. Free doughnuts at the office? Chinese for lunch? Pizza for Sunday Morning (because hangover)? Yeah, I can do that, I worked out! Like my brain honestly believes that since I burned 500 calories means I can inhale a 1,000 calorie lunch.

2. I can afford that! Because I need that mani/pedi or hundred dollar jeans or a massage. Because treat yoself. It’s too easy to forget that this paycheck has to get me through 2 whole weeks when I see all that money directly deposited in there.

3. It’s not really that bad for me. Yeah I can totally trick my brain into thinking a burrito bowl with guac and sour cream and cheese and beef is good for me because at least I didn’t get the tortilla. That’s how that works right?

4. Tomorrow I will be more productive. Slow day at the office? Don’t worry, tomorrow we can finish all of those things we should have finished today. More often than not though, the next day ends up just being more of the same. #permanentprocrastination

5. It must have shrunk in the wash. Those pants that fit me last summer and I can’t get over my thighs this summer, that’s definitely not my body, that’s the pants. Or my muscles got bigger than the pants could carry. Yeah, that’s what that is.

6. I’ll go to sleep after this episode. Or chapter or whatever your pre-sleep routine is. I mean just one more Girls episode won’t kill me.

7. I’ll do that tomorrow. That pile of laundry on my clothes can just wait until the morning because that makes more sense. I’ll clean out the fridge tomorrow after work when I get home. Yeah, I will definitely do that instead of watching 10 more episodes of Girls.

8. He wasn’t that cute anyways.  That guy who never called you back or who forgot your number or whatever, I wasn’t that into him in the first place. Like I basically didn’t call him first.

9. I’ll just have one beer. This is the night I will be responsible and just have one drink, so I won’t be dead at work in the morning and I won’t stop at Wendy’s on my way home and I won’t spend all my money on a round of shots because it’s Wednesday. Yup, today will be the day. You guys, today is never the day.

10. It’s only temporary. This one is probably the most prevalent. That random job you got after graduation that sucked you in for 2 years, it’s still just temporary. Credit card debt, that’ll go away when the time is right. Living with a bunch of roommates because it’s all you can afford — just temporary! You may be right, you may be wrong, but if this little lie gets you through another day as a poor college grad, I say it’s a good one.

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