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10 Incredible Makeup Contour Transformations


contouring makeover

Girl, that ain’t your real face. I respect the beauty skills of women who can contour their makeup but I am also completely awestruck by how much makeup can truly transform someone’s features. You’d think after watching 5 seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I’d know that makeup can make shit get real but these contour transformations are truly incredible. Whereas makeup was used before to merely enhance preexisting facial features contouring can create entirely new ones. You think your nose is too wide? Draw on a thinner one. You don’t think your cheekbones are defined? Draw on more prominent ones? Eyes aren’t big enough? No problem.

It’s no secret that fashion is totally vain and thus totally deceptive, so fine, paint on your “supermodel-photoshopped-looking-face” and come home to your real one! Hey, it’s less invasive and costly than getting plastic surgery. Check out the magic of makeup…

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