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It Takes Two: Why You Should Follow the Matching Separates Trend



Trends are polarizing. Some are awful, some are wonderful, some seem wonderful but turn out to be awful. I’ll admit I’ve fallen under the spell of some less-than-stellar trends (I own not one, but two, pairs of wedge sneakers, so go ahead and judge me). But there’s one trend that I feel okay about playing into: The two-piece coordinated outfit thing that’s so big right now.

Admittedly, I probably won’t still be rocking a shorts-and-blazer set or a high-waisted-skirt-with-matching-crop-top all that often, but here’s the great thing about this trend: it works in so many different ways. You can grab that skirt and its matching top and you can wear them together for a look that’s totally on the nose…or you can wear those pieces separately. It’s like buying a cute dress or romper except you can do so much more with it. And let’s face it: The coordinated look is pretty freakin’ cute.

I’ve fallen for so many takes on this trend – some are $, some are $$$$ – and ultimately I bought a cheapie set from Forever 21 (but it looks cute, right?).

Looking for one of your own? I’ve got you covered. Click through for some of my favorite options (including the one I own so we can be #twinsies) out there organized by price.



I'm a Chicago-based writer and graduate of the Medill School of Journalism who has written for sites like,,,,, Racked, Thrillist and The Huffington Post.