5 Versatile Ways to Wear a Midi Skirt This Spring

When it comes to skirts, there are the minis you wear out at night and the floor-sweeping maxis you wear on summer days…but there’s a new skirt in town and she’s kind of a peach.

Midi skirts fall somewhere in between the mini and the maxi in length – they generally hit a bit lower than pencil skirts do, but they still show a little bit of calf (such a classy way to display the fruits of all your incline workouts, no?)Midi-Skirt-3

I love the midi skirt because it feels very retro and very unusual at the same time. There’s a throwback-y feel to a skirt that hits you in that particular spot, an homage to decades that are long (or the cast of Mad Men.) I find this piece most appealing when its styled in a way that is faithful to the original look but with a twist – for example, worn with a very classic button-down but with a good pop of color, either from the skirt itself or form an accessory. Look no further than Atlantic-Pacific‘s Blair Eadie for a perfect example. She does the midi better than anyone.

Whether they’re in the skintight body con variety or in a more old fashioned A-line shape, midi skirts are beautiful. They’re also kind of a challenge to style. Because the midi skirt is a pretty conservative piece, you want to be careful – this look could easily get a little matronly. Need some inspiration? Here are some tips.

choies-midi-full-skirt-neon-lime-yellow-tibi-faille-look-a-likeGet tall. This style will visually truncate your legs so reach for your highest pair of heels to elongate the part of your calf that remains visible. I absolutely do not believe that only tall girls can pull this off, though, so banish the thought from your head if you’re having it. Avoid wearing shoes that cover your ankle, though – you want to leave this part exposed to add more length.

Edge it out. Leather jacket over a midi skirt? Genius. I mean, look at how cool it looks. Or you could style it like this….

Keep it conservative. A plain white button-down shirt tucked into a midi skirt creates a super whimsical, classic 1950s look. I kind of love it. Pro top: don’t button the shirt up too much.

Wear color. I will never object to an all-black ensemble but I also think a midi skirt looks so amazing in a vibrant color. I tend to prefer the solid-colored skirts (especially in neon shades) but if you prefer a patterned version, do that.

Show a little skin. I don’t over advocate the crop top but throw one over a midi skirt. It’s a total balance because the midi is so conservative. If you’re going to do this, make it a fuller skirt. Opting for a tight midi? Pair it with a tank top.


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