How To Lose A Guy In One Tinder Is The Best Blog Ever

How To Lose A Guy In One Tinder is a social experiment in which one millennial New Yorker named Emily decided to push the limits of male desperation. Emily thought it would be funny to troll Tinder dudes by saying awkward things to them about being lonely and having lots of cats. She thought she would freak them out and they’d ghost out of the conversation and disappear. What happened was the opposite. No matter how strange she got, no matter how off-putting or bizarre the dudes wouldn’t back off because they just wanted to get laid. Boys be thirsty for the V.

The blog bio states, “How far will a guy go when he thinks he’s getting laid? Emily, A/S/L is 23/F/NY. I’m not actually interested in any of the guys on Tinder but thought how hilarious it would be to say crazy things to them to see what would scare them away. Turns out, they’re the crazy ones for sticking around. I’m in blue and I don’t like cats or Disney Princesses that much.”

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