How To Pick Your Holy Grail Lip Color By Skin Tone

Picking the correct lip color is almost as tedious as finding the best pair of jeans that fits your butt, leaves you muffin top-less and elongates your legs. The bright side of choosing the right shade is that once you figure it out you can keep repurchasing products in that color, whereas that one good pair of jeans can ephemerally disappear off the face of this Earth. I used to go into Sephora and stare at the lipsticks, all the reds look the same, all the berries look the same—how the hell do I know which one is the right one for me? I learned after years of trial and error that, as a medium brown girl, lighter shades will wash me out but darker shades will give me a nice pop of color. Another next level thing I learned is that there is a huge difference between choosing cool and warm tones.

If you’re wondering if you have cool or warm undertones take a look at the underside of your wrist: if you have blue veins you have cool undertones, if you have green veins you have warm undertones. Typically you should be matching your foundations and makeup products to suite your cool or warm skin but there are many exceptions to these rules. A cool toned blush can look nice and subtle on warm skin and a light pink lipstick can look great on a deep, dark skin tone, similarly very dark shades can look epic on fair skin. Makeup is really up to you and the aesthetic you’re going for. This handy flowchart we’ve made are really just guidelines for those who feel clueless and want a more reliable shopping experience. You can’t always return makeup, if you’re shopping at a drug store you can’t even try it on.


holy grail lipsticks

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