Which Pretty Little Liar is Your Style Twin? Take Our Quiz!

Pretty Little Liars is an addictive thrill ride packed with completely improbable events. Also improbable? The fact that the girls on the show are always coiffed and made up to perfection. But pretty as they may be, the girls do have very accessible style, wearing affordable fashion from the likes of Urban Outfitters and Express. They’re also all totally distinctive – there’s the preppy friend, the sporty friend, the artsy friend and the trendy friend. So which one are you? Find out here.

Formal time! Your dream dress is:

1. A short, black number you got from a thrift store. You sewed on tons of studs and sequins yourself.
2. A simple strapless number that is both comfortable and flattering. You like to show off your toned shoulders.
3. Pink! It’s floor-sweeping with a full skirt and tons of sparkly embellishments.
4. A pricey dark green silk gown from Saks. It was expensive, but there’s no price too high for perfection.

Your favorite beauty statement is:

1. Heavy dark eye makeup
2. The natural look – maybe some clear gloss and a little bronzer
3. Ombre manicures. You paint your nails obsessively.
4. A very put-together look: Clear mascara, pink blush, nude lips

What best describes your favorite pair of shoes?

1. Combat boots all the way
2. Well-worn Converse sneakers. They’re falling apart but they go with everything.
3. Sky-high hot pink pumps
4. Knee-high chocolate brown leather boots in a high-quality leather

You’re getting a free top in the print of your choice. You pick:

1. Leopard print
2. Stripes
3. Florals
4. Polka dots

Your go-to nail polish shade is:

1. Something wild, like neon yellow
2. A light pink or nude. Nothing too crazy.
3. Blue, purple, green, metallic whatever! You’ll try anything that’s in.
4. A classic red – nothing else!

You carry your school books in:

1. A messenger bag decked out with pins and patches of your favorite bands.
2. A backpack. It’s the most convenient.
3. You carry your usual purse and look off of someone else’s books in class.
4. A large Longchamp tote

How would you style a plain white tee?

1. You’d layer it under a printed tank, then add some colored jeans and tons of jewelry.
2. With a draped vest and distressed jeans
3. Tucked into a high-waised mini and paired with adorable, colorful wedges
4. With black pants and a blazer

The piece you can’t wait to wear on the first warm day of the year is:

1. A black lace miniskirt
2. Your denim shorts
3. Your new stripy sandals
4. A perfectly cut shirtdress in a beautiful fabric

Your winter coat is:

1. A bomber jacket
2. A long, puffy coat
3. A printed, floor-length number
4. A camel pea coat

What do your pajamas look like?

1. A pair of shorts with a retro print topped off with an old band t shirt
2. An old, well-worn tee from years ago
3. A silk nightgown
4. A coordinated pant-and-shirt combo

You got…

Mostly 1s: You’re Aria Montgomery! You are artsy, quirky and not afraid to take fashion risks.

Mostly 2s: You’re Emily Fields! You prioritize comfort above all else. You like staples like jeans and tees but you add your own flair.

Mostly 3s: You’re Hanna Marin! You are a trendy, feminine fashion lover.

Mostly 4s: You’re Spencer Hastings! You have classic style and appreciate luxury. You’re a bit of a perfectionist and like to look perfectly put-together.

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