Professor Teaches Wrong Class All Semester, Students Fail

A new Lonestar College professor, Thao Shirley Nguyen, made a big all whoopsie whoopsie when she taught General Chemistry (an advanced chemistry course) instead of Intro to Chemistry (a much easier course) for an entire semester. Students were so confused all semester long. They were like, “WTF is this even?” Basically. One student, Lauren Firmin, said, “I was getting 40’s on every test. I studied as hard as I could, did everything in my power to try.” Dude, I was super anal about my GPA and so I understand the struggle. The students thought the class was just mega hard until just before the final exam when Professor Nguyen was like, “JK, bbs, I was fuxing with you this whole time!” Yep. She admitted to the students she was teaching a more advanced course right before the final exam. The professor curved all of the grades, turning Lauren’s from an F to a B, still that’s just not right. Lauren tried to appeal her grade because her 4.0 GPA was ruined with the B she got in the class. The college rejected her appeal! She said, “4.0 students, we are really stressed out altogether, but this just added to it to see what I have been working for, for two years destroyed.” Lonestar College is denying that this even happened but the head of the college’s science department is saying that the professor did teach the incorrect class. “This was not intentional on Ms. Nguyen’s part. She was new to the introductory level,” the science chair said. So she royally fucked up but only the students will be punished for it? How is any of this fair? You take an advanced course completely unprepared and do poorly but then you are stuck with a bad grade and credits for a less advanced course? Not cool, bro,