8 Pinterest DIY Fashions That Would Look Mad Bootleg If You Tried Them

I am not here to knock the amount of effort and talent beauty and fashion bloggers devote to coming up with cool DIY projects, making cute visuals and sharing their ideas with the masses for free. I am here to speak on behalf of us non-visual learners whose brains literally melt into goop and drip out of ears whenever instructions are illustrated. I just cannot look at an image and recreate those steps. My brain just doesn’t process information that way. Some people’s brain’s only work that way but I need written instructions. Pinterest and fashion are visual mediums so a lot of the visual tutorials leave me perplexed. If I tried any of this stuff my “simple 8-step t-shirt dress” would fall off my body on the subway and I’d arrive to work naked, declaring “Pinterest made me do it!” Then I’d sob in the bathroom for 148 years

Turn Your Maxi Skirt Into A Cute Dress

OK so I cut the top of my dress off then let my sports bra take a nap on it and tie a blue ribbon on my arm. I look so cute . . . mhmm. Nailed it.

Create A Cute Geometric Cut Out T-Shirt


Haha, you think I can measure.

Make A Shirt Out Of A Button Down

This one isn’t especially difficult so much as it would look absolutely ridiculous on my big ass hips.

Make A Wrap Skirt Out Of A Scarf

I wrap and then I …. stuff it and then it unravels and then I’m naked and then I cry for 148 years.

A DIY Skirt Out Of An Old Camisole 

My neck and my waist are totally the same size. I am sure that thin fabric wouldn’t look sheer when it’s all stretched out across my butt.

Make A Dress Out Of A T-Shirt

I just take the sleeves and stuff them into my boobs and then I am off to the club. Sounds good.

Turn A Turtle Neck Into A Cocktail Dress

Who can wear a dress this short with out their hooch showing? My boobs are much, much too big to fit through the same whole as my neck.

Make A Bag Out Of A Cute Scarf

This isn’t a bad idea in a jam and I’ve done it before. This is more when my inability to tie a decent knot comes into play. The bag would always dissemble and the contents would spill everywhere. If you’re wondering why I can’t tie a knot it’s because usually people try to teach me and looking at what they are doing makes my head explode. I couldn’t tie my shoes for a while . . .  a long while . . .

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