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The Kimye Wedding Imagined Via Barbie Dolls


kim kardashian

A tumblr called Ultimate Kim Kardashian went through the tedious work of recreating the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding with Barbie dolls. I don’t know where they got these life like figurines from but they’re pretty impeccable. I can’t help but wonder if the actual Kimye wedding will be this elegant. Kanye is a grand visual artist so I expect a cool spectacle but not necessarily something classic since he’s all about breaking new ground. The wedding will have to be something that does three things: satiate his ego, praise Kim’s beauty and have memorable outfits. I am pretty excited but I am sure that if the EVENT (and it is an event) is televised it will be long after the ceremony takes place. Whether you enjoy Kimye or not they are great at controlling their public image even if they can’t control how that image is received.

What do you guys think? Will their wedding be a cool heartwarming ceremony or a hot mess?

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