7 Celebrities Who Were Interns. Everyone Was Someone's Betch.

Everyone, at one point or another, was probably somebody’s bitch. It never comes as a surprise to me that successful people have had to humble themselves in the face of tedious bitch-work and meticulous assignments. Interning is the kind of character building work that de-glamorizes whatever industry you fantasized about working in. Writing is more research than poetry. Fashion is more organizing than playing dress up. Certainly not every single celebrity or successful person has gotten there because they fought tooth and nail. Even regular people use nepotism to get their feet in the door. It may not be fair but if the person is willing to rise to the occasion and do the work then that shouldn’t undermined. Everyone has to learn how to do what they do best at some point. Meet the celebrities who were willing to become coffee-fetching betches and pay their dues.