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Like a Prayer, Our Totally Rad 80s Prom Playlist Will Lift You Up Where You Belong


80s prom playlist

Planning an 80s Prom Party this weekend? No? Well you should be, because I just created this radical playlist that will make you wanna dance with somebody ASAP. I think we’re alone now, so don’t be embarrassed to tease your hair, pull out the poofy pastel dresses and get footloose. One thing’s for sure, you can’t fight this feeling! So come on, Eileen, let’s dance like maniacs from 9 to 5.

Oh 80s nostalgia, I hate myself for loving you, but it’s hard to say I’m sorry. I guess that’s the power of love.

I’m going to stop before I get too annoying with all these song references, but really. This playlist is perhaps my greatest contribution to humanity thus far. If you can’t get down, BEAT IT. (Ugh, here I go again…)