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Professor Teaching Miley Cyrus Course Answers Questions On Jezebel


miley class

Remember that Miley sociology course that went viral? Well Professor Carolyn Chernoff, Ph.D. is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at Skidmore College is the very smart lady who developed and is teaching the course. She joined Jezebel for a Q&A where she discussed the course and Miley. Here are a few things we learned. See the rest of the conversation here.

On How Miley Can Borrow From Black Culture Without Consequence 

“Miley’s whiteness really seems to shield her from some of the racist and racialized criticism her pop peers of color seem to get. “White” is a race, and one that needs serious interrogation, especially in the music industry literally built on the voices and talent of people of color (largely black and African American) but disproportionately benefitting white people.”

On Female Purity In America 

“Well, I’d start by saying this is another manifestation of the virgin/whore dichotomy: “purity” is a way to ostensibly “value” and “respect” but ultimately control and silence girls and women, especially their sexuality. Some perspectives here focus on history, race, and class—the ways in which “white women’s virtue” was a rallying cry for racist violence during times of increasing opportunity for African Americans.”

On Shifting The Focus From Sex To Race

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