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The 10 Best Drunk Foods You’ll Crave This Weekend


french fries

Why do we crave the worst possible foods for us when we’re drunk? Let us ask science. “Alcohol can cause the blood sugar level to drop, which was presumed to be the reason for post-drink hunger-pangs,” Stuart Farrimond, a doctor and lecturer in food and health sciences at Wiltshire College in the United Kingdom told The Michigan Daily. Apparently we can only control our appetite up to one shot, after that we’re totally ravenous. Alcohol stimulates the hypothalamus which controls appetite. Dr. Farrimond says it specifically satiates our more primitive appetite so we crave fats and sugars. Yes, we do. On top of that, according to Men’s Health, a Purdue University study found that “alcohol enhances the taste of salt and fat.” It’s not just that we crave it, it’s that it actually tastes better. 

Consuming water and salt is totally necessary when drinking alcohol because your body is dehydrated. Water will obviously rehydrate you but sodium will balance your salt levels so that you feel less dehydrated quicker. Remember to drink responsibly that doesn’t just mean being 21 or older. It means not driving drunk and looking after yourself and your friends!

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