6 Simple Dining Hall Hacks to Save Sucky Caf Food

I remember the feeling of utter disappointment that I experienced when I sat down for my first dining hall meal. Spoiled by my mom’s Southern cooking, restaurant nights with my girlfriends and the chockfull of Chick-fil-A drive-throughs at home, I wasn’t used to seasonless chicken, browning veggies and stale bread. Where was the freshness? Where was the flavor? Sure, there were some meals to look forward to – like the infamous Soul Food Thursday – but most nights, I stuck to the same routine: turkey burger, fries and a side salad. Every. Single. Night. Luckily, I only lived on campus for one semester, so I was left to my own devices when it came to grub in undergrad. But if you’re dealing with what I dealt with, I empathize with you girlfriend. With a little bit of creativity and some station hopping, crafting something edible is easy as ABC. Candy Girls, do you have any dining hall secrets? Share below!

[Lead image via reslife.coloradomtn.edu]

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