Splurge or Save: The Family Jewels

Ah, jewelry. It can make the difference between an unremarkable outfit and a ridiculously amazing one. I’ll admit, I often neglect to actually wear my jewelry and, having noticed this, stick to buying cheapie stuff. On the flipside, I do own a few pricier pieces and those happen to be the ones I actually really¬†use.
I always endorse spending a bit more for timeless, quality pieces you’ll repeatedly wear. When it comes to trends, however, it’s always fun to have tons of options and that’s where cheap costume jewelry comes into play.
Costume jewelry has a long history, and the term¬†covers a really large spectrum of price points and construction. From sites like Bauble Bar, which offer super affordable pieces, to the likes of Hermes and Chanel, where you’ll find some seriously high-end stuff, costume jewelry is a huge part of fashion these days. So which pieces should you splurge on and where should you try to save?
Simple stud earrings: These are an obvious splurge. Get them in a fine material that won’t tarnish over time and keep them on always (except for when you’re swapping them for flashier statement earrings) so the likelihood of losing them is lower.
Statement earrings: Save on these and buy tons of fun, brightly colored pairs. Some chandelier shapes, some hoops, some shoulder-dusters. Just go to town here, which is way more doable if each pair is super cheap.
Bracelets: Save on these because even if they’re poor quality, they aren’t placed anywhere near your face, meaning people won’t see the details in them as much. Also, buying lots of cheap bracelets makes it easy for you to rock an arm party – and anyway, who cares how fine the attendees at your arm party look individually? On the other hand, there’s one piece of wrist-wear worth splurging on….
Watch: Drop some $$$ on this. Stick to a simple, classic face and wear it forever and ever. I like the two-tone watches because they go with both gold and silver.
Rings: Save on there and get a bunch if you’re into the tons-of-rings look. I’m personally not, so I instead splurged on one perfect cocktail ring, which is something I wear all the time that attracts tons of attention.
Statement necklaces: Splurge a little on this one. Inexpensive necklaces notoriously break often and because the necklace takes center stage as a part of your outfit, you don’t want something that looks poorly constructed or cheap.

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