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Get a Flawless Cat Eye in 3 Easy Steps


cat eye

From Princess Jasmine to Taylor Swift, girls everywhere are channeling their inner Cleopatras by drawing a winged tip along the outer corners of their eyes. Why? Because the look is dramatic without being over-the-top. It’s classic but still a little edgy. Best of all, it makes your eyes look larger and more prominent (which is probably why Taylor of the deep-set, small eyes makes it look so great).

It’s come to be known as the “cat eye” and it’s a damn good look. I’ve always loved the cat eye on other girls but I never really tried to out until recently. This is mostly because I never thought my shaky little hands would ever be capable of pulling off a precise look like this –  but I’ve discovered that pulling off the cat eye is actually quite easy…if you have the right tools.

I’m loving this liquid liner from Stila. Unlike some other liquid formulas, this one’s applicator doesn’t have one those flimsy, extra-flexible tips. It’s super easy to just draw a line right along your lash line  and then extend it a bit once you get to the outer corner. If you want a really easy, low-maintenance cat eye, tho is really all you need to do. Want something a bit more perfect or dramatic? Try this:

1. Dust some skin-toned powder along your eyelid. This will soak up any oiliness you may have there and help the color grip.

2. After running the liquid liner over your eye, take a shadow brush, dip it in water to intensify the color and run a black eyeshadow over the line you’ve created to deepen the color.

3. Add a few coats on mascara to your lashes – and then add a few extra coats to the outer corners.

I prefer the one-step option but honestly you can’t really go wrong with either method. What’s your favorite product for achieving the cat eye? Tell us in the comments!

I'm a Chicago-based writer and graduate of the Medill School of Journalism who has written for sites like,,,,, Racked, Thrillist and The Huffington Post.