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How Many Teaspoons Of Sugar Are Really In Your Favorite Foods?



Sugar is the enemy. If you’re insulin resistant, have diabetes or hypoglycemia then you probably have tumultuous relationship with sugar as it is. Most people that I know don’t pay too much attention to the sugar content in foods. They’re not naive, they know that Coke isn’t good for you, that ice cream has a lot of fat and sugar and that vegetables are a better alternative. However many people don’t know just how much sugar is in their favorite foods or beverages. You can read how many grams is in a product but it’s hard to fully imagine what a gram of sugar looks like. For starters 4 grams of granulated sugar (the kind we’re most used to) is 1 teaspoon.

This list considers the amount of added sugar in these foods. For example, a plain bagel has 6 grams of added sugar but a total 48 grams of carbohydrates. Now, sugar and carbohydrates aren’t the exact same thing. All sugar is carbs but not all carbs is sugar. Carbs aren’t inherently bad but they do affect the blood sugar levels. Simply put, just like in 9th grade biology, the body prefers complex carbs (starch and dietary fiber) over simple ones and added sugar is the simplest kind.

It’s much easier to imagine a teaspoon of sugar rather than a gram. Here are some of our favorite foods and how many teaspoons of sugar are in them.

[Lead Image Via. Shutterstock/ Matthew Cole]

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