Get Glowing Skin with Eve Lom’s Moisture Mask [In our Makeup Bag]

What It Is:

Eve Lom Moisture Mask*

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

Good skincare is the key to good skin; I don’t care how much makeup you slap on, if you don’t take care of your base, you can’t look your best!

Eve Lom is a luxury skincare brand. We took a look at her Rescue Mask a while back and now I’m going to test out the Moisture Mask. It promises to “restore moisture levels with an advanced complex of skin quenchers, leaving skin feeling more supple and soft, preventing future dehydration, and protecting from environmental damage.” My skin has been having a winter meltdown this year, so I need all the hydrating help I can get!


How To Use It:

As this is a leave-on mask, it’s best to apply after you’ve washed your face at night. Apply the mask and if there is any excess after 10-15 minutes, you can wipe it off with a tissue. I find that there isn’t much excess and I don’t mind getting some on my pillowcase, so I don’t wipe it away. In the morning, I can barely feel it on my face and my cleansing routine removes any leftover.

CC Rating: A+

I’m a big fan of other overnight hydrating masks, but Eve Lom has officially jumped into the number one spot. I usually notice that my skin looks plumper and imperfections are reduced when I use them, but the results from the Eve Lom one are astounding. ASTOUNDING. When I checked my skin in the mirror first thing in the morning, it looks phenomenal; there were no dry spots, my skin was plump and blemishes were basically gone. I didn’t expect hydration to have such an effect on acne, but it certainly did. Even more impressive is that these results were maintained through the day. Often, the effects of hydrating masks diminish once I rinse them off, but not with this one!

Despite the steep price tag ($105 for 3.3oz), I wholeheartedly recommend the Eve Lom Moisture Mask. If you struggle with dehydrated skin, you will most definitely see results! This is one of those skincare investments that you can’t regret. The Eve Lom Moisture Mask is available at Sephora.

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*Item was provided for review

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