The 10 ’90s Stickers From Your Childhood That Made You One Of The Cool Kids

Your childhood was an endless void of really dumb things you can’t imagine getting excited about now. Kids these days have iPads and shit but when I was a kid I remember the entire class getting hella stoked over stickers, push point pencils and the ~luxurious~ swagging pen necklace. The pen necklace was a pen that you could also wear as a necklace! When our third grade teacher got them as prizes the entire class was swept into a frenzy. The ultimate pen necklace was the one shaped like a teddy bear—a teddy bear! If you came to school rocking a pen that was also a necklace it meant you were ballin’ because your mommy and daddy were willing to spend a dollar + tax on a piece of stationary for you and that was like an investment in your future. I campaigned for weeks trying to get the most citizenship points for that pen but alas by the time it was my turn to pick a prize all that was left was a roll of Smarties candy.

Like pen necklace$, stickers were a hot commodity. The bigger the better but if they had a cool function like being scented, textured or holographic then that was good too. I can’t imagine getting excited about such useless ephemera in my adulthood. It would just feel like costly clutter but I am glad that there was a time in my life when something as pointless and silly as a pen or sticker could make my day. Ah, to be young again.

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