UConn Students Destroy Their Own Campus After Winning NCAA Finals

After UConn beat Kentucky  60-54 in the NCAA final both schools began to riot. Furious Kentucky fans began to burn jerseys, hurl liquor bottles and smash street furniture. Ecstatic UConn students joined in for fun? Can college students ever not riot together? The Daily Mail describes the scene as a mix of terror and happiness where some crazy people even, “hung from trees and light poles or hurled firecrackers. At one point, a firework burst just above the boiling crowd – sparking screams and panic among those below.”
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Good. Clean. Fun. Police in hard hats arrived to diffuse the situation. Some students were even seen bloodied and injured. A government official, Susan Straub, said there were at least 17 couch fires—what the actual fuck?—were lit, 7 were arrested and 18 were injured. One person who was injured was a hit by a train and taken to the hospital.

Why is setting fires your go to when you are happy or sad? Fire is dangerous. However UConn officials don’t seem to see the issue. UConn Chief of Police Barbara O’Connor said, via WSFB, “By far, most of our students have conducted themselves safely and responsibly. Although there have been some arrests and property damage, we’re pleased overall with most of our students’ behavior, especially considering we had a capacity crowd of over 10,000 in Gampel Pavilion.”

[Via. Huffington Post/Daily Mail]

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