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Meet The Punk Knot, The New Hair Trend Hollywood Is Buzzing About


punk knot

Kourtney Kardashian totes called it a few months ago during her interview with The Coveteur.  She said – and this is a direct quote – “There are certain hairstyles that I’m just over. I used to wear a top bun a lot and just recently, I think it was a couple days ago, I was like, ‘I will never wear a high bun, ever again.'”

If the unofficial Kween of the topknot is declaring that she’s over the style, you know it’s true: The neat high buns of yesteryear are, like, so 2013. These days it’s all about a messier take on the ‘do. According to Kristin Cavallari and the rest of the hosts on E!’s new show, The Fabulist, these days it’s all about the ‘punk knot…’ and I don’t hate it.

So what exactly is the ‘punk knot?’ Essentially it’s an undone version of the old school top knot. The Fabulist team swears it’s easy to recreate on your own – so why not give it a go for your next night out? Check out this video tutorial (courtesy of E! Online) and try it for yourself – and don’t forget to tweet us pictures of your punk knot @CollegeCandy!

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