10 ***Flawless Celebrities Who Weren’t Immune to Cheating Assholes

As I walked to the L on Thursday, I had a disturbing thought that almost caused me to miss my train. I’d just read that Big Sean and Naya Rivera’s engagement was off, and I was bummed. I really, really liked them together! He’s vehemently denying it, but there are whispers he cheated and TMZ says that she was like, uber jealous. Keep in mind that Naya’s a triple threat – she sings, she dances and she’s on “Glee.” Not to mention the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous. So if the rumors are actually true, why would Sean feel the need to stray when he has a trophy fiancé at home? Because men – and not all men, some men, don’t shoot me – have to wander. They have to see what else is out there. They can be with a perfect 10 and still wonder if they could bag an 11. These celebrities – who are off the charts in their own right – have something in common with us regular folk…they’ve been stepped out on, too. No one’s safe, ladies. 😦

[Lead image via Gina Zammit]

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