Cute Food: How To Find Your Next Beauty Fix Right In Your Kitchen

Dry skin, lifeless hair, chapped and flaky lips – these are just a sampling of the beauty problems we’ll all encounter. But before you go and buy out your local Sephora, why not use a few things you already have on hand to fix whatever beauty issue ails you? Because as much as the beauty companies might argue that their products hold all the answers to any beauty concern you’ve ever had, the truth is you can probably find a cheap, all-natural and effective remedy right in your…kitchen.

There are tons and tons of natural remedies out there, some seem like no-brainers (like have you ever mashed avocados by hand only to realize that it’s basically hand cream on crack?) and others seem sort of nasty. But trust, these little nuggets of wisdom work. Do you have any natural beauty remedies you swear by? Let us know in the comments.

Avocados: In addition to being delicious and heart-healthy, avos are sort of the MVP of foods that double as beauty potions. We’ve already discussed its hand-moisturizing powers, but did you know that an avocado face mask is just as hydrating? Your skin will feel like a baby’s bottom after you slather some of this on – which sounds creepy but is totally a good thing – just be sure to wash it off really thoroughly after letting it sit on your skin for like 20 minutes. If not, your skin might hold on to a bit of a greenish tinge. You can also use this magical fruit as a conditioner for your hair. Simply mix one avocado with 2 spoons of oil, massage it all into damp hair, let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash as usual. Your hair will be so soft and shiny if you do this once a week.

Eggs: Now I despise eggs and, by virtue of that, the way they smell so I’ve never tried using eggs as a beauty remedy. If they’re all they’re ‘cracked’ up to be, (see what I did there? See?) they’re pretty awesome. Spreading the yolk of one egg all over your face, then washing it off once after five minutes. So easy, so hydrating. Eggs are also great for your hair: Beat a whole raw egg, apply to damp hair and wash off after 20 minutes. This will leave your hair super clean and volumized.

Olive oil: Okay, best makeup remover ever. I have super sensitive skin and can’t use traditional removers. A cotton ball soaked in olive oil does the trick every time. I just run it over my eye makeup and it slides right off. Other oils will work too, but I love olive because I always have it on hand. Want to treat yourself? Find someone to give you a hot oil scalp massage. Just warm up a little bowl of olive, coconut or argan oil and have someone massage it into your scalp really thoroughly. Let it sit overnight and then wash it out really well.  It feels amazing and it stimulates your scalp, encouraging hair growth. It’ll also leave your hair really silky and nourished.

Sugar: The grainy texture of sugar makes it a fantastic exfoliant. Remove dead skin on your lips by mixing a bit of sugar with butter and running the mix over your lips in circular motions – super effective and super delicious.

Lemon: If you get an uneven tan this summer, try this simple trick: Rub some lemon juice into the darker areas, then wash it off after about ten minutes. It’ll remove a bit of the tan. You can also use lemon juice to brighten up your skin during any season. It’s a great tip to have on hand during the winter as well, since your skin might get dull from the cold and lack of sunlight.

Milk: A lot of women swear by this as a cleanser. This is perfect for someone who has sensitive skin and can’t handle two washes a day. Just rinse your face with milk before bed and wake up with soft, smooth skin.

Beer: Yup, you heard me. Rinse your hair out with a can of flat beer once a month for your cleanest, bounciest hair ever.

[Lead image via PerseoMedusa/Shutterstock]

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