Get that Internship, Girl! 7 Simple Steps on Following Up

If you’re in the midst of applying for a summer internship or a post-grad job, then you’re probably a bundle of nerves as we speak. Oh, girl. Trust me. I know. Throughout undergrad (and like…right now), I’d be on Ed2010, Free Fashion Internships and MediaBistro before and after class – and sometimes during, if I can keep it trill – looking for something…anything, really. Applying is one thing, but following up is a beast of its own. You never want to “bug” HR or the point-person…sending too many unanswered emails is a surefire way to get sent to the bottom of the proverbial pile. But you don’t want them to forget about you, either. #THESTRUGGLE.

Sure, sometimes you won’t get a response to your job and internship applications. Don’t charge it to your talent – after all, these companies and their onboarding staffs are flooded with hundreds of applications. It’s nearly impossible to tell everyone “no” and definitely impossible to give everyone a “yes.” Sometimes a door won’t open for you…and that’s because it’s meant to be closed. So don’t stress! But don’t give up, either. If you’re really passionate about a position that catches your eye, following up is extremely essential. Good luck!

[Lead image via Teen Vogue]

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