Is Your School Underrated?

Everyone’s familiar with the topmost, highly regarded U.S. colleges and universities – you know, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Williams, Amherst. There are schools that naturally get recognition – it could be based on ranking. It could be based on reputation, or maybe it could be a roster of star-studded alumni. But Business Insider published a list of schools that don’t necessarily receive the most shine – or “potentially safe options.” Some of these choices are almost Ivy-like in my eyes. Who’d turn their nose up at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s Public Policy program, or Arizona State University’s amazing School of Journalism and Mass Communication? I suppose that relevance is in the eye of the beholder…but these schools deserve equal regard in my book. Take a look at these listings and weigh in. Do you attend one of the Underrateds?

Alaska — University of Alaska
Alabama — University of Alabama at Birmingham
Arkansas — Arkansas Tech University
Arizona — Arizona State University
California — University of California, Santa Cruz
Colorado — Colorado State University
Connecticut — University of Connecticut
Delaware — University of Delaware
Florida — University of Florida
Georgia — University of North Georgia – Gainesville
Hawaii — University of Hawaii at Manoa
Iowa — Iowa State University
Idaho — Brigham Young University – Idaho
Illinois — University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Indiana — Indiana University Bloomington
Kansas — Kansas State University
Kentucky — University of Louisville
Louisiana — University of Louisiana at Monroe
Massachusetts — University of Massachusetts Lowell
Maryland — University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Maine — University of Maine
Michigan — Michigan Technological University
Minnesota — University of St. Thomas
Missouri — Missouri University of Science and Technology
Mississippi — Mississippi State University
Montana — University of Montana
North Carolina — University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
North Dakota — North Dakota State University
Nebraska — University of Nebraska – Lincoln
New Hampshire — University of New Hampshire
New Jersey — Seton Hall University
New Mexico — New Mexico State University
New York — College of Staten Island
Nevada — University of Nevada, Reno
Ohio — Ohio University
Oklahoma — University of Oklahoma
Oregon — Oregon State University
Pennsylvania — University of Pittsburgh
Rhode Island — University of Rhode Island
South Carolina — Clemson University
South Dakota — South Dakota State University
Tennessee — Tennessee Technological University
Texas — Texas A&M University
Utah — University of Utah
Virginia — Virginia Tech
Vermont — University of Vermont
Washington — Washington State University
Washington, DC — American University
Wisconsin — University of Wisconsin – Madison
West Virginia — West Virginia University
Wyoming — University of Wyoming

[Lead image via Business Insider]

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