8 Items to Put in Your Finals Week Emergency Kit

If you know me at all, you know that I wish I were still in college. I miss the constant partying, the endless stream of pizza (though I do a great job of keeping up with that as a post-grad) and the salacious campus gossip. Hell, I even miss class. I mean, it’s sort of a pain sometimes but it sure beats job-hunting and job-having.
There’s only one thing I don’t miss about college and that thing is all the people I hated  finals week. Finals week – as you probably know, since you’re heading towards it – sucks. You rarely see the light of day, your hands shake from too much coffee and you have eye boogers on top of eye boogers. It’s hard to feel pretty (or even human) in the midst of all that. But because you want to be sure you aren’t smelling awful/looking like a hobo/too embarrassed to run into the cute guy in your Psych class, you should probably make sure you have a few essentials on hand at all times.
Pack this emergency kit now and toss it into your bag. It’ll help keep you as fresh as possible through the treachery known as finals week.
Travel toothbrush/toothpaste/breath mints: Finals week generally means lots and lots of caffeine. Coffee pretty much gives life….it also gives stinky breath. Stash a mini brush and paste set for emergencies. Mints will do in a pinch.
Evian water spray: Spritz a bit of this on your face whenever you’re feeling dull  – it’s super refreshing and hydrating and I swear it might even wake you up a bit.
A mini Vaseline: Because you can do basically anything with it, from relieving chapped lips to removing makeup.
Concealer: Dark circles happen when you don’t get enough sleep. This is the one makeup product that will make a huge difference.
Travel-sized deodorant: STRESS SWEAT IS VERY REAL, PEOPLE.
Makeup remover wipes: These are great to have on hand just in case you end up going out the night before a final and running out the door with no time to wash your face in the morning. I never did this. Oh wait? Who am I kidding? I totally did because I used to be fun.
Antibacterial hand wipes: Because getting sick during a week that is already hellish enough would not be ideal
Some emergency chocolate: It’ll make you more beautiful and a better student. Just trust me on this.

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