Cosmic Candy: April 14th – 20th

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!
Aries & Aries Rising
Your sacred task this week is to lay your fears of rejection at the feet of your Maker and walk away knowing full well that you are being taken care of. There is no need to struggle any longer with your stories of being left, being unlovable or being forgotten. That isn’t to say that this week won’t appear to spin tales that tell you that you are completely at a loss for love. But remember that a sacred task means that it’s full of paradoxes, tricksters, twists and turns. The only thing to do is to stay very aware of what is underneath the feeling or thought that says you have to be with someone (or many someones).
This journey is so freakin’ tricky. Quite often we will work our tuchases off on a piece about our childhood. Like, really get in there and spend years hashing it out, sorting it out and getting it out. Or so we think. Feeling like we are “done” with something can end up being just another trick of the ego though. We stop considering that the “something” (like the abandonment we felt as a child) is quite possibly still steering the ship when it comes to relating to others. We are often left wondering, “WHY?!! Why do I still feel like this? Why does this keep happening? I’ve done the digging, the therapy, the groups, the healing circles and meditation retreats. When am I going to catch a break on this issue? When will I get the sweet relief of healing this old wound?”
I say now Aries, now. I say consider everything; consider that perhaps there is a piece back there in your past that you haven’t resolved. Be open to being surprised. Be willing to end the relationships that bear far too great a resemblance to your old, old, old patterns of self-degradation (if you have them). For coupled rams, this eclipse could have your partners running wild; let them find their way. Honor their journey by waiting to be asked for help rather than forcing it upon them.
Lunar Love Potion: 1 part willing participant, 76 parts brave badass fact-checker, 287 parts conscious observer. Mix ingredients together while chanting, I am here now and I am consciously breaking the ties that bind me to false beliefs about my worth in relationships. I keep my eyes on myself. Lovingly I begin here and allow whatever will be with another, to be.
Taurus & Taurus Rising
Do the things that help you. Better yet, practice the things that help you, everyday. There is no perfection to attain with any of this. You aren’t practicing to get better at a skill as much as you are practicing the things that help you feel sane. Feeling sane is obvi awesome, but it’s just as important that you put yourself in alignment with what is good for you. When you do, very interesting things start to happen. Tuesday’s eclipse wants you to either end a routine that is far from beneficial or begin one that is, or both.
This can be looked at on a basic level of health and routine but it goes far deeper than that. It goes far deeper because, by the looks of your chart, you actually need to physically place yourself in the classes, meetings, rooms, buildings and sessions that create these beneficial states. Most of you are going to end up with a pretty wild solar return chart (like a birth chart for your year, a great tool that some astrologers use in tandem with your transits and progressions). And by wild I mean you either get strung up by or freed up from the web of untruths you’ve spun (by necessity or unconsciousness, no shame here). This is a month to get out of life what you came here to get and there is no way around it unless you want to internalize it all and implode. Choices, choices…
Lunar Love Potion: 1 part consistency, 29 parts getting your ass in the driver seat of your day, 150 parts showing up. Mix ingredients together while chanting, I do it ’cause it’s good for me and doing what is good for me makes me a better human being. I don’t have to like it but I will get to it. While getting to it I will be extra curious about who is crossing my path of awesomeness because I know the folks that also do the things that make them happy and sane have much to teach me. I strategically place myself so that I am in line with the proper amount of light and shade so that I may blossom accordingly.
Gemini & Gemini Rising
Love. Love…Love? Love! Love?! To get it we must meet our obstacles. Ugh, I know. Can’t I just buy some?! Nope. Annie Lennox already said so. So what is left? Just us, alone with our walls, cages and self-defense moves armed to the teeth with every sword in sight as well as with loving arms that can embrace all of the loneliness that has ever passed through our silly and wonderful hearts. Just us and just what we need.
This Tuesday’s lunar eclipse has you seeing all of this love business with either some clarity or misguided rage. The way to make sure that you have more of the former experience and less of the later is to walk yourself through each emotion that arises. See them as just another passenger on the never ending steam engine of human emotion. See your emotions as different than your feelings about something. Feelings (in the way that I am using the word) are related to your gut, your knowing, and your power. Emotions are things that pull us here and there, much like thoughts; sometimes useful but generally sidetracking and misleading.
I want you to keep this in mind as you come up against the ruffed waves of this week’s eclipse. If you can ride out the self-obsession and get to what lies underneath all the goop and goo then you are onto something and that something is awakening. It’s kind of like being trapped in a dream that you know is a dream and you just have to wait to wake up. Keep praying to wake up to what the real issue is and you’ll find the resolve is instant. A lover or partner can’t make you more worthy of love than you are right in this moment. Who you are in this moment is all you will ever be, all you ever need to be.
Lunar Love Potion: 1 part sweet self-reflection, 26 parts pause and take a deep breath, 370 parts look in the mirror and laugh at yourself, like hysterically. Mix together while dancing about in your finest underoos chanting, Love is for luna(tics)! I love this whole thing! Everything I see inspires me. Everything that I see is connected to me. I think I am a “me” but really we are all a “we”. Weeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeee!!
Cancer & Cancer Rising
This is good news. Say it with me like a cheerleader on too many mochachinos: “This is good news!” Tuesday’s lunar eclipse is going to be very good news for many of you because it takes away your super power. Yes, you read that right. I predict that this week will render you vulnerable to the very things you try to harden yourself against. You have an uncanny ability to hold onto and recall/relive the past. Uncanny. I wouldn’t put it on your resume, however.
Look, there is nothing wrong with going antique shopping, loving your parents, reminiscing or remembering the good old days if you had them. However, your attachment is getting in the way of your unfolding. This is especially true of your attachment to the more negative stories of your past. Attachment may be the wrong word actually. It’s more about being in denial of how attached you are to the pieces of pain that have implanted into your subconscious like invisible shards of glass after an explosion at a crystal shop. They sever the ties that your conscious mind would actually like to make. I am going to assert that there are parts of your past that you have yet to come to terms with and those parts will reveal themselves to you with this full moon, in spades (if they haven’t already surfaced). “This is good news!Yes, it is. It’s the best news because once you become conscious of what is really holding you in place, you can address it and move.
With less fear you are freer to move in the direction of your life with more faith. With more faith you are more likely to take greater risks (especially in your career). When you take greater risks you are more likely to land the life that actually feels right to you. When you feel at home in your life you are freer to show up fully for it and all the surprises it holds for you; surprises far too terrifying to appreciate when you were unable to look your original wound smack-dead in the eye. Above all else ask yourself this when in an emotional state of overwhelm: Who would I be if I wasn’t afraid of feeling this feeling? Feel it and then move forward.
Lunar Love Potion: 1 part pom-poms, 10 parts sick to death of the same old fears holding you down, 27 parts willing to take a risk, 400 parts staying in the present. Mix together while chanting, I’m ready, I’m present and I am not afraid of the truth. This day is a gift that I am meant to open, enjoy and celebrate. And I do.
Leo & Leo Rising
Tuesday’s lunar eclipse happens in your Third House of messages and messengers. It’s a house that has to do with divination; the communication that we receive from traditional and nontraditional sources. It’s the house that shows us how we relay information, how we learned to form and trade words, think thoughts (especially ones influenced by our siblings) and how we move about in our local environment. I love hanging out with my friends that are learned in other divination modalities because as we walk through the world together they point out the signs of their deities, energies or muses. I get to read the writing of a different system that is scrawled across our common ground. I am likely to see only what I am looking for and feel very fortunate to borrow the eyes of another through good friendship and the exchanging of outlooks.
An eclipse can bring many opportunities with it, primary among them the ability to close one door and open another. It’s a liminal space; highly creative, highly threatening (to ego’s and superiority complex’s) and highly informative. I encourage you to spend a great deal of time reading the signs around you. I would bet money on the fact that there is more than one message that is trying to get through to you especially about the issues already mentioned. Light shifts when eclipses occur, be open to seeing things in a new light and expressing them with more faith in your ability to get your point across simply: Less flamboyant flair, more truthful content.
Lunar Love Potion: 1 part tarot deck, 20 parts suspending disbelief, 700 parts listening as if your life depended on it. Mix ingredients together and then be silent for 20 min. After silence has settled pick a tarot card and let it speak to you.
Virgo & Virgo Rising
Tuesday’s eclipse is occurring in your Second House of counting your shekels. If there appears to be money drama, money issues or less than you wish there were, try not to panic too much. A) There is a vicious lie going around that money somehow trumps, oh I don’t know, things like integrity, creativity and kindness. B) Money is a game. One with really real consequences, but a made up game nonetheless. We used to give things to people as a trade or a sign of our appreciation. The exchange of things can have meaning if the things we trade are a representation of gratitude and acknowledgement.
I encourage you to think of this as your trade this week because the ruler of your second house, Venus, is in a position to bring you some very good news. It could come through a business partner, intimate relationship or friendship so keep the focus on what you are actually exchanging with another person and make the encounter mean something to you. Be open to others. Be open to their help, to their affections and to their kindness especially if this eclipse is triggering the volcanoes of self undoing.
The Second House isn’t just about stuff; it’s about how we feel about our stuff. It’s about how we feel about the resources we have or don’t have, which goes so much deeper than stuff. At the end of the day the Second House is a place in the chart where we either connect with the self-esteem needed to ask for a fair exchange for our efforts or where we buckle under the crippling weight of dishonoring ourselves. This eclipse is your moment to find your worth, your value and an honest exchange for it.
Lunar Love Potion: 1 part reclaiming of your self-worth, 200 parts asking unapologetically for what you’re worth, 7,000 parts believing you are worth it. Mix together while tossing your hair (imagined or real) back and chanting, Because I’m worth it, dammit!
Libra & Libra Rising
You’re going to hear a lot about falling in love with yourself this week both from me and my fellow astrologers. That’s because there is a full moon/lunar eclipse in your sign. When there’s a full moon in our sign, it means that the sun is 180 degrees away from the moon, a direct opposition, in our Seventh House of the ever elusive other. Relationships are a focus when the sun travels through our Seventh House and the full moon in our sign (happens once a year) pulls that focus back on us. This is a sacred dance; that which the other pulls out of us and how we reclaim it as a gift. Because the truth of the matter is this — no one can take our pain away.
We are hard wired to believe that they can but they cannot. Nothing can save the miracle that is Grace, spontaneous healing, your Creator or god/dess. Really, truly loving yourself as deeply as your maker loves you and then sharing that love with every living creature around you is the only real, grown up job you’ll ever have. As I already mentioned, this full moon is also an eclipse and as my colleague Wonder Bright pointed out in a recent video we did together, eclipses are about openings and closings. When we allow either action to occur during eclipses we are living in accordance with the cosmos. It isn’t always what happens in our outer life that matters during these larger astrological happenings. What frees us in the end is our awakening, our awakening to our power and powerlessness, our awakening to what has meaning, real meaning to us. What frees us in the end is listening to what is going on below the surface of our everyday thoughts, listening to our soul’s evolutionary needs, not our egos. What frees us in the end is our willingness to resist what no longer serves us and our willingness to move towards what does. Free. Free. Free.
Lunar Love Potion: 1 part freedom, 36 parts experiencing the beauty that runs through you simply because you are alive, 400 parts desire to feel this 100% of the time. Mix ingredients together while singing (to the tune of your favorite show tune) I am a grown person, I spend my precious energy in a life-affirming immersion. I have no time for Cinderella stories cause life’s too short to waste my precious energy on fantasy. I use this moment to wake up to reality.
Scorpio & Scorpio Rising
I have the creeping suspicion that this week will dredge up a past romance or two. In fact it feels like a review of some sort or that there is a connection between what you are internally coming to grips with and who shows up as a mirror for that. Ex’s (and current partners for that matter) are amazing tools for self-reflection and present day assessment. AH-MAH-ZING. What passed for love a year or two ago isn’t going to cut it now. I know that you have been doing a tremendous amount of self-reflection and integration about what you desire and why but I am going to remind you that you simply do not have all the pieces in place yet. There are many things that won’t be revealed to you or be fully understood until July. This is not a bad thing, it’s just a thing.
Think of it like a surprise party that you know is happening but no real idea of what it will be like or who will be there. This Tuesday’s eclipse is another layer of either self-undoing or fusing the disparate parts of self back together. Eclipses are openings and closings, revealings and healings. Not that anything in this life is ever done or over entirely, but a periodic resting point is always very helpful. This is not one of them but could lead to one. April is too exciting to rest but May will bring some time to integrate.
Lunar Love Potion: 1 part desire to grow your attraction beyond what you used to consider a suitable suitor, 17 parts willingness to enjoy living without all the answers, 79 parts respecting your internal experience as equal to your external (the inside influences the outside and visa versa). Mix ingredients together while chanting, My life is a mysterious concoction of past particles and future possibilities merging in this unknown moment known as now. I revel in the not yet manifest and let it add to the joy of discovering my unfolding reality. When all else fails in confusion I remember to stop and dance until I am in a better emotional space. I am the captain of this ship and no matter what fog I find I know I always make it back to shore.
Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising
Don’t give anything I say (or anyone else for that matter) any authority over your life. At the end of the day, you answer to your own internal integrity compass and that is all you leave this planet with. Did you do well? Did you give it your all? Did you help people and love them to the best of your ability? Did you show up for your community? Did you build a loving place to grow both yourself and your intimate partnerships? Did you learn how to love yourself despite anyone else’s reaction or estimation of you? If you can answer yes to most of these than you are onto something and if you can’t then you’ve just been given orders. Tuesday’s eclipse wants you asking these questions but also this one: What part of your life isn’t socially recognized? For some it’s only a teeny, tiny component while for others it’s a massive part of their identity. The good thing about the internet is that there is a way to connect to others with a similar position. Can you support yourself in whatever ways your community can’t, won’t or doesn’t yet know how to? Are you doing your best to create a feeling of home even if parts of the world are sometimes a hostile or incongruent place for you? It looks like the eclipse is bringing with it some beauty, some comfort and some joy felt in your home, family or inner space. As long as you feel connected to some internal comfort the outcome of your social life will carry less importance-meaning that you’ll be able to let lose, care less and have more fun.
Lunar Love Potion: 1 part visions of vistas filled with frolicking fiestas, 216 parts kissing babies and giving free hugs, 1,000 parts living every day like it’s your last. Mix ingredients together while chanting, I celebrate and love all parts of my community and my place in it but never do I locate my worth in the eyes of others. I define myself on my own terms; as an inter related being that is connected to all that unfolds around me.
Capricorn & Capricorn Rising
My lunar eclipse advice for you is to sit. Stop doing so much and get really still. Get really still and meditate on what it is that your parents have yet to do, can’t do or couldn’t do that you know you must do. For many of you this will have something to do with what you want to accomplish out there in the world. For others this will be more about what part of your emotional life is stunted because of your parents arrested development. Your job right now is to go beyond the boundary of what your parents could or can. It’s not enough to stay in their perimeters, even if they were/are the most amazing people on the planet, this too can hold you hostage.
Without disrespecting your connection to them, can you also move beyond the story, the expectations, the agreements that flow down your family tree like the rivers of raindrops that a monsoon brings? Can you honor the gifts they gave you and untangle yourself just enough so that you may have the opportunity to grow towards the light? There is an electrical current at the root of your chart and Tuesday’s eclipse is pulling that energy up the spine of your life. I want it to rise if you are ready for it. I want it to rise and smash down the outline of any life that isn’t yours or at the very least help you to bust through the too tight suit you may have been handed down by the generations before you. Like a swollen incredible hulk, let the buttons burst and fall where they may.
Lunar Love Potion: 1 part meditation, 28 parts sitting in meditation longer than you want to, 467 parts busting through your cage without moving a muscle. Mix ingredients together in silence or while saying a sacred word, syllable or sound from your spiritual tradition that helps you feel connected to something larger.
Aquarius & Aquarius Rising
Seek some guidance this week, dear Water Bearer. You don’t always have to give it. Seek to fill your vessel with inspired visions, well thought out trips abroad and ways to fill your life with meaning. Your personal religion is the answer, and the question is how to to live a meaningful life. What code do you live by? What efforts do you make to nourish that set of standards, principles and philosophies? Where do you go for counsel? Who or what guides you?
Tuesday’s eclipse is happening in your Ninth House of seeking meaning. It is also the place where we ask gigantic questions and life’s bigger question marks have most likely been harassing you for some time. Where are you going? When do you get to escape? It looks like the deeper you allow yourself to sit with these questions the greater the gift you receive, and you will receive it by tending to the practical aspects of life. In other words, do the basics so that the broader strokes have somewhere to land. Meanwhile, Pluto, the planet that brings us great change on a societal level and great opportunities (on a personal level) to change an old ball and chain into new, brilliant bling is stationing retrograde in your Twelfth House of skeletons in the closet, cosmic currents and otherworldly offerings.
Pay attention to the blessings and information coming to you from other stratosphere’s. Like my beloved colleague Astrobarry so eloquently illustrated in his post this week, there is more than meets the eye during this astrology.
Lunar Love Potion: 1 part wonder, 34 parts quintessential questions, 786 parts playful yet mindful interactions with other realms. Mix ingredients together while firmly stating, May I be protected always. I am awake and in tune with my environment and open to any guidance that wants to come to me. I honor all forms of communication and listen with my whole being now. My feet, my heart, my elbows, my inner eyes and ears are all antennae that I utilize and give thanks for.
Pisces & Pisces Rising
The first psychic I ever went to was a giant older man who had tousled white hair and a thick Irish accent. I was terrified of what this man might see in me, at that point there was so much that I was still trying to hide. We sat down, he looked me dead in the eyes, leaned in and said in a booming Irish lilt, “You’re going to be just fine, Lovey. You’re going to be better than fine. You’re going to be really, really, really good.” I immediately started bawling. I was 14 and I really, really really needed to hear it. And he was right. It took me a tremendously long time to get there, but I did.
On the way I found a million things; people, places, objects and status symbols that I clung to because I thought they would cure my hunger. I ended up losing them all. I lost them all because they were not mine to have. They were not meant to be the cure to the bottomless cup I was trying to fill. Nothing can fill such a shape; it’s against the laws of nature. The current astrology is asking you to face some of the moreover challenging aspects of attachment that you wrestle with. When something is no longer life affirming we have to ask ourselves, “Why would I continue to hold onto this with such a grip?” Come to the table filled with your own sense of self, yet open to partnering with others. Only when we have learned how to rely on our own internal compass can we authentically join with life. When we are devoted to tending to the needs of our own psychological land mines, other peoples comings and goings are not so terrifying. When we say to ourselves, “I get to learn more about myself today via this person, place or thingwe start to sense the golden opportunity that every day is.
Tuesday’s eclipse happens in your Eighth House of endings. Eclipses can signify closings, but before you swim away you need to hear this: The best beginnings happen on the heels of a well executed ending! Fear not, fine fish! You’ve been in the process of ending something for a while now (most likely in the form of healing any unhealthy fears of the dark) so this eclipse can be like your own trip to the Irish psychic. Except I’m Jewish and I will most likely say it in my grandmother’s thick New York accent — “God willing, you’re going to be just fine, dahling. You’re goin to be the best you’ve ever been. Only good things, Bubbalah. Only good things.”
Lunar Love Potion: 1 part open hands, 76 parts letting the birds your kept caged fly free, 487 parts having faith that everyone and everything has its own way of finding the light. Mix ingredients together while chanting, I trust You, Life, I trust You. I do what I can do and then I let the rest unfold with the faith of a mustard seed, cause I heard somewhere that that is all I need.
For more information please visit Chani’s personal blog, UntilTheStarsFallFromTheSky, or for personal astrology readings please contact Chani directly at chani [at]

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