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The 17 Best Crazy Celebrity Coachella Fashions


Kid Cudi Crop Top Coachella

Coachella is all about festival fashion and when we say “fashion” we are definitely playing fast and loose with the term. Bottom line: it is hot in the dessert. Heat means it’s appropriate to literally wear whatever because otherwise you will diiiiie. It isn’t just regular people who embrace the casual, hippie-dippie-ness of the festival circuit, celebrities take this opportunity to look trippy, smelly and experiment with fashion. Kid Cudi, pictured above, wore jorts and a crop top. Bless his abs. He should tell Zac Efron about this¬†hot new trend for men.¬†I like a man with an adventurous sense of style and thanks to Kanye West “tough guys” can wear skirts now. Dressing like a country bumpkin tripping on peyote has also been embraced by plenty of female celebs who have no problem basically walking around in their underwear as long as it is accompanied by strange, flowery, accessories.

As far as the worst Coachella fashions go so far I am torn between Lorde and Justin Bieber. Whereas Justin dressed up like a 1990s gang member who rides a tractor trailer, Lorde wore a giant gold duvet and baggy white harem pants. I am torn.

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