10 Grownup Easter Egg Hunt Ideas That Are Eggcellent

Easter is this weekend and there are many ways to celebrate. I’ll be having dinner with family, some of my friends are painting eggs, others aren’t celebrating at all. This post is what I’ll be doing next year. Why not throw a “Grownup Easter Egg Hunt” instead of what feels like a dorky scavenger hunt with only things you kind of, sort of want. These ideas are just jumping off points to get your creative juices flowing. When you’re hanging out with friends your own age and not the nieces and nephews you’ve been commissioned to babysit because you’re the oldest, you probably won’t all be stoked about finding eggs filled with toys and stickers—although that can be fun too. Why not throw in things that you’ll actually use or crave like mini bottles, sex toys and of course candy because I still want candy. 

Here are a few pro tips for holding a scavenger hunt.

1. Label the eggs with numbers so that you know when every egg is found.

2. Be sure to pick a location that makes sense AKA don’t have a scavenger hunt outside if there is a chance it’s going to rain.

3. Set boundaries. Let people know before hand that eggs aren’t upstairs, beyond the backyard or in another room. Keep things simple when your friends are probs already drunk.

4. Put glow sticks in the eggs and turn off the lights to spice things up a bit.

glow in the dark


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