20 Blood Moon Photos That Will Make You Say “Whoa”

Last night you may have noticed that the moon had its rare visit from Aunt Flo and became a “Blood Moon.” Basically, it was a reason to take a moment out of our crazy modern lives, stay up light and bask in the beauty of Earth’s one and only natural satellite. The moon went through several phases of its PMS around 2 AM – 4 AM EST. The sanguine moon was most visible in North and South America so it was pretty cool. What causes the moon to become a super cool shade of red, you ask? When there’s a total lunar eclipse the moon becomes red as it passes through the Earth’s shadow. The moon’s light dims and reflects the “shimmers of sunlight and sunsets seeping through the Earth’s atmosphere,” according to CNN. As the moon leaves the Earth’s shadow the color fades. 

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