Beyoncé And Jay Z To Tour Together, Destroy Earth, Do Sex To Each Other


bey and j

Beyoncé and Jay Z are going to tour together this summer. Page Six reports that they will soon announce a 20-stadium U.S. tour and possibly play New York City on July 4th. It’s a genius business and family decision on their part. The two have just wrapped up their individual tours and with so much “Drunk In Love” hype this tour is going to be a gold mine for music’s power couple.

It’s almost hard to believe they haven’t done this already but it is so. Hopefully Blue Ivy will open the show and render some of Girls Tyme’s greatest hits. I am actually not a fan of Jay Z as a rapper (he is an old time-y capitalist) and Beyoncé as a performer is kind of too perfect to be interesting to me on stage even though her recent album is visual and lyrical fire. 

Anyway the world is probably going to explode when this tour is announced and it will probably be the stuff of legends, so are you going? I mean, can you imagine how much tickets to this show are going to cost?

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