Looking for Loafers? Make This Menswear Trend So Feminine In 5 Easy Steps

I’ve never been a big fan of ballet flats. To me they’ve always looked way too similar to the shoes I wore as a little girl in ballet class. And at just over five feet tall, I’m really not in the market for anything that’ll make me look younger.
Ballet flats have been around for some time now and even if you’re wearing a completely embellished, studded or printed pair, chances are no one is going to be super blown away by your choice of footwear. Because so many of you will be embarking on internships, interviews or even full-time jobs soon, you’re going to need a pair of shoes (or seven) that are more comfortable than heels and more professional-looking than sandals (NO TOES SHOWING AT THE OFFICE, ladies).
Enter the big menswear trend that’s been sweeping the footwear industry for over a year now, loafers.
This trend manifests itself in a way ways. There are oxfords, loafers and smoking slippers. They are super cute and comfy and they all offer infinite possibilities. And contrary to what you’re probably thinking when you pictures “loafers” (I, personally, envision my dad), you can totally make these look cute and feminine. It all comes down to a few pointers.
Bling it on: Feel free to buy these babies if they’re covered with glitter, sequins…you name it. I personally went that route when I picked up a pair of oxfords, and mine happen to be a compliment magnet (#HumbleBrag).
Add your own shoelaces: If you can’t find a pair of oxfords that jump out at you, customize your own. Lace some cute glittery or floral laces through a plain black or beige pair.
Expect some pain: Okay, this has nothing to do with making the trend look more feminine, but it’s an important tip. Be sure to break these in. Men obviously have it just as hard as we do when it comes to the comfort of footwear because these shoes HURT at first. A simple way to break them in? Rub some Vaseline along the heel to soften it up. Wear them around the house. Wear them over some black tights (there we go – I found a way to bring this back to making these look more feminine).
Style them in an unusual way: Wear your loafers with a sundress. Add your smoking slippers to the high-waisted skirt and tee combo you love. Rock oxfords with an LBD for a night out – it’ll make dancing way easier. Just be creative.
When in doubt:┬áChannel Taylor Swift. She’s got this trend down.

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