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Science Says Your Brain Starts Rotting At Age 24


brain rot

Science says our brains start degenerating at 24 years old. I am 24 years old and I can attest that I have gotten so dumb. In high school I was articulate, sharp, I could properly enunciate and had such a broad vocabulary people would tell me to stop using such big words. Today I speak in Emojis. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Researchers at Simon Fraser University in Canada have discovered that our intellectual skills begin to dull and decline beginning at 24 years old. This doesn’t surprise me, it’s always young people who are most flexible, resilient and progressive. Wisdom is real and so is experience but it’s young people who move history forward. 

The researchers studied 3,305 volunteers aged 16 years to 44 years and had them play a “real-time game that approximated everyday real-world situations that test our cognitive abilities, from concentration to juggling multiple tasks to shifting our focus from immediate to long-term issues.” The older the participants were the slower their decision making, speed and multitasking abilities were. 

It turns out, for every 15 years we age after 24, our cognitive speed reduces by 15%. However, that doesn’t mean we’re totally useless,” by relying on experience to anticipate and more accurately predict upcoming tasks, as well as by employing mental shortcuts such as eliminating extraneous information and paring down incoming information to just core nuggets of relevant material.”

Basically, although our brain is actually functioning at a slower, less effective pace, we can pull from our experiences and understanding of the world around us to help us navigate it. We’ll be slower but we’ll be clever.

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