10 Study Hacks To Survive Finals Week Because Ugh

Maybe you’re in the middle of finals week, maybe it has just begun or maybe it’s a few weeks away, either way you can probably feel the impending doom looming over your head. Finals always feel like a cartoonish storm cloud lingering over your head, raining upon the parade you thought you had created during spring break. Studying sucks. It just sucks. Things that you once loved to talk about, that were so interesting to you feel like pests picking at your future. Everything becomes overwhelming and doing anything besides studying makes you feel guilty. It’s a time where, against your better judgment, you start measuring your self worth by the grades you haven’t even yet received.
It’s a time where so much feels like it’s at stake and every minute feels so important. I remember wiping tears out of my eyes as I was writing a 20-page paper. Finals never gets any easier but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your time more efficiently. Yes, that means not waiting until the last minute (I know that’s what you’re probably going to do because it’s what everyone I knew did) but it also means studying more effectively. Staring at the pages of a textbook isn’t really learning, is it? We’ve compiled 10 of our favorite study hacks so that maybe this time around you’ll have a better finals experience.

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