15 Totally Creative Easter Cupcakes You Wish You Could Grab Through Your Screen

CUPCAAAAAAAAAAAKES. Remember when the iPhone came out and there were all those commercials with the phrase, “There’s an app for that,” for your every need. Then people would make those hack jokes (people like me, btw) like, “When is the iPhone going to make me a cup of coffee? Soon the iPhone is going to be able to make me a coat made out of pizzas, it’s so smart.” Then when Siri came out we started making Siri jokes, “Siri is going to be my bitch and bring me sammiches.” YET it is 2014 and I have had no such luck. Granted, I have an iPhone  4 that doesn’t even have Siri capabilities on it, so maybe you guys have your phones make you cupcakes? That is my point. That is the point of this post that I wish I could click something on the computer screen and have it magically teleported straight into my mouth. What even is a 3D printer for? Those chocolate egg nugget thingies are the best Easter candy ever and I don’t want to have to get up and put on pants to acquire them.

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