There Will Be A Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel Because America Hates Us

“It was a run by fruiting,” a phrase echoed through every household in 1993. The movie, starring Robin Williams, seemed cute at first: the story of a father who disguises himself as a nanny because he wants to spend more time with the kids. Except upon further thought the premise was absolutely terrifying. After a man loses custody of his kids through a legal court order, he disguises himself as an old woman and manipulates his children and ex-wife? That is the kind of story you’d read in the Daily Mail. This is the kind of story that sends chills down your spine but because Robin Williams was a “funny” guy it’s supposed to be charming? Worst of all, we’re supposed to hate his wife because she won’t let her immature, unstable husband back in her life after decades of disappointment?

Here’s a description of what happens after they found out their dad was pretending to be lady, “The judge is disturbed by his recent “unorthodox” behavior and considers him to have an insanity issue, and for that reason grants Miranda full custody of the children, with Daniel limited to supervised visitation once a week. The ruling leaves Daniel heartbroken. Without Mrs. Doubtfire, the children are again withdrawn and depressed; even Miranda admits that their lives were so much better with her. They are then delighted to see on the television Daniel dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire hosting his own television program, “Euphegenia’s House”, which has become a hit. One day, Miranda pays Daniel a visit at the studio, telling him that the kids, and herself, were happier with him involved. “

He does have an insanity issue. HE DOES. Just talk to your god damn wife and grow up, that is a much easier solution than this gross betrayal! So they’re making a sequel of this terrible film and Robin Williams is attached to it. I hope the movie picks up where he is in a mental institution talking in stupid voices. Look, the movie was fine in the context of 1993 and an era where movies didn’t really make sense and could get away with psychotic premises veiled as goofy comedies. Remember when C. Thomas Howell, a white man, starred in a film called Soul Man where he wears blackface and an afro wig so that he can get a scholarship to Harvard that is only available to Black students? Yeah, that happened.

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