5 Great Ways To Wear a Shirtdress

There are a few pieces that add tremendous value to your closet. They’re things that will never go out of fashion,¬†that can convey many different moods based on how you style them, and always flatter you even if your body changes a bit.

If you find the right one, the shirtdress definitely has the potential to become one of these pieces. The best ones are comfortable and flattering, can be worn long and loose or cinched with a belt, over and under other pieces, and taken from season to season. The look that comes to mind when you think of a shirtdress might be slightly corporate and prim, but there are really tons of ways to style this piece. Here are five of my favorites.

Business casual: A shirtdress worn¬†with some neutral pumps is instantly office-appropriate. This is a great look for spring/summer because it’ll keep you cool without exposing too much skin. There aren’t too many business-ready outfits that’ll allow you to stay breezy so this is a great option for working girls.

Casual: Your brunch attire just got an upgrade if you own a shirtdress. Simply pair this number with some pretty flat sandals, top it off with a jean jacket and go. This is a great casual look for the “tweener” weather we’ve been having.

Glamorous: If you want to look classy but still hot for you next night out, try this. Shirtdress, belted at the waist so it’s a bit shorter and a lot more form-fitting. Add some fun booties and a cute clutch and plan on not buying any of your own drinks.

Edgy: Layer the dress over black skinny jeans. Top off with a leather moto jacket, add knee-high boots. Studded cuff optional.

Breezy: Top off denim shorts and a tank top with a shirtdress – worn open. It’ll look super cool and casual, like you’ve just thrown a long vest over a typical-shorts-and-tee ensemble. Same principle applies at the beach, but with a bathing suit under the open shirtdress.

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