This Product Will Help You Break Your Heat Styling Addiction

I don’t need to tell you that too much heat styling can seriously damage your hair. Letting your natural texture poke through every once in a while is so much better in the long run…and honestly, even if you hate your natural texture, chances are everyone else will think it’s adorable. Take it from a straight-haired girl who spent the better part of middle school attempting to cop curls in any way possible: The girl whose locks you’re envying would probably die for whatever you’ve got going on up there.
But if you’re still hesitant to wash and go, let me clue you in to a little product that’s getting rave reviews at the moment. Bumble and Bumble’s City Swept is a “misting balm” that’ll give you some seriously cool texture and movement. You know how your hair often looks better the day after a wash? This stuff can give you that slightly imperfect coolness.
The best thing about City Swept product is how easy (and fun!) it is to use. You just spray it in the space above your head, then lift your hair up and let it catch the mist. Work your hands through your hair and get it to whatever you want it to do. For example, I like a ton of volume at the crown so I would lift at the roots.
This product would be great for girls with straight or wavy hair; it’s a fab way to add that cool-girl messiness without making your hair look totally unkempt or dirty. It claims to give you “street-styled” hair and I think that’s a good way to describe it. You’ll look disheveled, but in an artsy way, like you just spent the day running around outside doing fabulous things. It’ll do for your hair what distressing does for your jeans – it’ll make it looked lived in, like you’re too modern and edgy to try too hard.
What’s your favorite way to avoid heat styling? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.
[Editor’s Note: This is not a paid promotion — we’ve actually tested this product, loved it and wanted you guys to all know about it, too!]
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