What Would You Put In Your Grownup Easter Basket?

From a puppy’s eyes to God’s ears. This is my Easter basket wish list. Now that we’re older we don’t get awesome stuff like Easter baskets anymore. My parents would always get my brother and I one of those pharmacy pre-made Easter baskets and we couldn’t have been more excited to have a ton of candy, toys and the obligatory bunny coloring book. After a certain age the baskets stopped, so did the “Easter clothes” budget and so did our annual family trip to the movie theater on the day of Jesus’ resurrection. I don’t think I ¬†mixed what became a “stupid basket” or an “ugly puffy sleeved dress” when I was in my teens, although in retrospect I may have missed the family time together. Today, I wonder what it would be like if we all had disposable incomes and could fill woven baskets with dreams and material objects. What would I want in my grownup Easter basket besides the tears of one million stupid boys?

grownup easter bag

From left to right. Here’s my wish list.

1. Zebra leather pouch from Zara.

2. Beats by Dre pink headphones.

3. Prosecco.

4. Nike Fuelband in rose gold.

5. Ghiradelli dark chocolate.

6. Dior blush.

7. A Sephora gift card.

8. Hot dog sunglasses.

9. Wreck This Journal

10. Nike Lunar Elite Sneakers

11. A puppy.

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